Intangible Assets

A company's value is also reflected by the strength and reputation of its brand, as well as its capacity to retain and develop knowledge.

In the financial area, the most important Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A. brands are Itaú, Itaú Personnalité, Itaú BBA, Itaucard, Hipercard and Garantec. In 2010, for the seventh consecutive time, the Itaú Unibanco brand was considered the most valuable in Brazil, according to the global consulting firm Interbrand, pioneer in the development of the brand evaluation method. The Itaú Unibanco brand was evaluated at R$20.6 billion, nearly double the R$10.5 billion recorded in 2008, the date of the last ranking. Among the factors that most contributed toward this valuation were the growing and consistent financial results, the capacity to operate in highly competitive markets and the company's strong focus on sustainability-related topics. The brand's valuation is part of a permanent process of managing the reputation it has built throughout its history.

A leading company in its segment with more than six decades of existence, Duratex owns market leaders such as Deca, Hydra, Durafloor and the Duratex brand itself, all brands of reference in their respective sectors of operation.

Together with its history and presence in the market, the products offered by Duratex attract customers who trust in their functional quality, together with the attractive design and an ethical and law-abiding posture, in addition to effective actions focused on environmental responsibility issues. Duratex has also earned distinction for maintaining the ISO14001 and FSC1 certifications, for its participation as a founding member of the Green Building Council and for signing the UN Global Pact.

Elekeiroz – a company that was founded over a century ago – has earned the clear recognition of its different stakeholders as being a reliable supplier of high quality chemical and petrochemical products certified by the ISO 9001. These products are directed at countless segments in the transformation industry, including civil construction, footwear and clothing, automotive, visual communication and advertising, food additives and agriculture.

Elekeiroz' industrial activities are concentrated at two sites strategically focused on facilitating production and the transportation and sale of this production. The use of renewable natural resources in production processes allows the company to implement several different programs geared toward the reduction of water and energy consumption and effluent generation. These actions are paired by research and development work focused on sustainable products aligned with a growth strategy with maximized value.

With over 30 years of operations in the technology market, Itautec specializes in the development of computing, banking and commercial automation and technological service solutions. Itautec has 33 service branches and 10 support laboratories that serve more than 3,700 Brazilian cities.

The company operates in a consistent fashion abroad, with customers in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Itautec is the first company from the electro-electronic sector that is fully prepared to meet the requirements of Brazil's National Solid Waste Policy, and is considered a pioneer in the recycling of electronic waste as part of a program it has promoted since 2003.

Itautec computer products are registered with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) – an environmental assessment tool for electronic products created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the NGO Greener Electronic Council.

1 The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) develops and promotes international norms for the certification of forest developments in compliance with the principles and criteria of sustainable management.