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Management for Sustainability

We believe that the development and implementation of long-lasting actions strengthen the commitment to the sustainable development of Brazil, reduce the impact on the environment and ensure the expanded management of risks and opportunities for our shareholders, employees and society as a whole. To this end, we follow the ESG model, which brings three key drivers (environmental, social and governance practices) to the measurement of the sustainability and social impact of our investments and helps to better manage expectations of future financial performance based on risk and return.

For us, ESG is more than a concept. It is a commitment of Itaúsa.

See more in the documentary on the topic:

ESG - ambiental, Governançae social

Sustainability Council

Create a positive impact for society by promoting local development is a commitment present throughout our history.
For this reason, we draw on our Sustainability Council, created with the objective of advising us on the steering of socio-environmental management and identification of opportunities with a positive social impact, influencing Committees, Foundations and Institutes of the portfolio companies on matters related to the subject.

The Sustainability Council reports its activities to the Sustainability and Riskes Comittee, the advisory body of Itaúsa's Board of Directors.

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We are the only Brazilian holding company that is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) portfolio. For the 16th consecutive year, our organization participates in this restricted global group that includes only seven Brazilian companies.

In addition, for 12 consecutive years, Itaúsa has also part of the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) portfolio.

We are also part of other important indexes of the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) related to Differentiated Corporate Governance, such as the ITAG and the IGC. And also of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the FTSE4Good index.

Participation in the main indexes

Indices de Sustentabilidade

Sustainability in our investees

We encourage our operational investees that comprises our portfolio to adopt of environmental, social and governance practices (ESG):

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Companies actions

Fundação Itaú para Educação e Cultura

For over 30 years, Itaú Unibanco has been strongly active in the fields of education and culture. For the purpose of further increasing the impact of these initiatives on society, Fundação Itaú para Educação e Cultura (Itaú Foundation for Education and Culture), created in 2019, now has the mission to promote education, culture, welfare, protection and the guarantee of rights and the strengthening of civil society. Accordingly, the foundation ensures the continuity of the work developed over decades, the expansion of this legacy and a more robust governance – without losing the legitimacy and the autonomy that has always characterized the educational, cultural and social initiatives and projects developed, sponsored and supported by Itaú Social, Itaú Cultural, Itaú Educação e Trabalho (Itaú Education and Work) and Instituto Todos pela Saúde (All for Health Institute).

Fundação Itaú Fundação Itaú Fundação Itaú Fundação Itaú

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