Capital Market

Similarly to Itaúsa, the main companies of the Conglomerate are also publicly traded companies with shares listed on stock exchanges. Through its Material Fact or Event Disclosure Policy, meetings with analysts, shareholder meetings and the traditional communication channels, Itaúsa and the Conglomerate companies practice the principle of disclosing complete and timely company-related information.

In order to reinforce the Conglomerate's commitment to corporate governance, transparency and the dissemination of the capital market culture, Itaúsa promotes annual public meetings in partnership with Brazil's Association of Capital Market Analysts and Investment Professionals (APIMEC) to discuss its results, strategies and perspectives. Since 2001, 10 meetings have been held with analysts.

Shareholder Structure (in thousands, unless otherwise indicated)
As of 12/31/2010, Itaúsa had 32,040 shareholders        
Shareholders Common Preferred Total
Controlling Shareholders 1,026,572 61.08%      476,864 17.70% 1,503,436 34.37%
Free Float 654,224 38.92% 2,216,622 82.30% 2,870,846 65.63%
Total Shares in Circulation 1,680,796 100% 2,693,486 100% 4,374,282 100%
Total Shares Issued 1,680,796   2,693,486   4,374,282  

Share Performance

Evolution of R$100 invested from December 30, 2000 to December 30, 2010.

Average Annual Valuation in Reais Itaúsa (1) Itaúsa (2) Ibov. (3)
10 years 31.19% 25.13% 16.34%
5 years 23.45% 19.17% 15.68%
12 months 14.83% 11.54% 1.04%
(1) With the reinvestment of dividends
(2) Without the reinvestment of dividends
(3) Ibovespa

    in (%)

Itaúsa Discount

Over the past five years, Itaúsa has offered a monthly disclosure on its Investor Relations website under the menu Itaúsa in the Share Market/Discount.

This discount is attributed by the market to the value of the company's shares when compared to the sum of the market value of its stake.

The quote for the most liquid shares is considered for this calculation, estimating the company's total market value and that of its subsidiaries. The website contains a detailed description of the calculation performed to obtain the value of this discount.