In 2010, Itautec formalized "Passion for the Customer" as one of its conducts for achieving sustainable and profitable growth. As a commitment, it seeks to better understand the market trends in each segment in which it operates through dedicated structures, staying ahead of the competition through the development of solutions that contribute toward the success of the customer's business strategy. In this sense, it improved its relationship channels and conducted research to always stay one step ahead of the related demands and propose solutions that generate real business gains.

The strategy designed by the company involves building the closest relationship possible with the customer to better understand and create solutions that meet its needs with excellence, generating value for the business. Itautec has flexible production operation aligned with engineering that has become a market reference and creative processes designed to develop customized products in partnership with the customer. This is the case of the laptops that are already being shipped pre-loaded with applications designed to meet the specific needs of certain groups of clients.

Itautec has several different relationship channels, such as e-mail, a consumer assistance service (SAC), Telephone Sales Center, as well as a help desk service. Since 2009, the company website has offered a specific channel to disclose its actions in harmony with sustainability, with information about "Green IT," its policy and its environmental projects.

Elekeiroz maintains laboratory infrastructure to provide its clients' support so as to test and adjust the compositions of its products to the industrial needs of different segments. The laboratory has the conditions to indicate the best formulation for each specific application. The goal for 2011 is to conclude the investments in the expansion of the laboratories, which are being re-equipped and readjusted to ensure that they are operating at maximum capacity by the end of the year to assist company clients.

The satisfaction survey conducted at Elekeiroz is focused on finding solutions for the transformation industry that meet the need for product composition modifications. In this sense, it contributes toward maintaining the company's international market share and that of its clients and guarantees full compliance with the specific needs of each business segment. To offer clients the quality demanded by the markets, the company invests in quality certifications and conformity registrations for its products.

Based on the most highly exported items, the company followed the protocols of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH) which, since 2006, has regulated the circulation of products based on the chemical composition used in its manufacturing process. Elekeiroz is currently in the process of registering the products it sells to the European market in compliance with such demands.

Accordingly, sales to European countries are dependent on the adjustment to the requirements established in the REACH regulation and Elekeiroz is currently in the process of obtaining the permanent registrations for its products, giving the company the permission to sell until the final process in 2018. The substances that are not registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) within the established deadlines may not be sold to European Union countries.

Duratex's efforts to protect the health and safety of its clients and consumers are reflected in the quality of its products and in differentials that ensure the success of the brands. These include efficient customer service channels, an extensive technical support network, continuous investments in installation professional training and marketing and relationship programs based on solid concepts of respect and ethics.

The company seeks to always operate in a responsible fashion. It has obtained ISO 9001 certifications associated with the supply of products based on the process requirements and management with a focus on continuous improvements and customer satisfaction. Other certifications, such as the ISO 14001, attest to the excellence of the Environmental Management System adopted at the Botucatu Unit farms and the Lençóis Paulistas Seedling Greenhouse. Besides the management and control over its extraction, the forest exploration conducted by Duratex has received the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) seal as proof of the adoption of environmentally correct, socially just and economically feasible practices.

Duratex offers customer assistance services in all of its divisions. Furthermore, it is distributed as a Consumer Assistance Service (SAC) and Technical Support and Assistance Service using relationship channels that operate through telephone services, e-mail and mail. Customers can also contact the company by registering with the Owner Registration Card (CRP). The company also adopts initiatives to assess and maintain customer satisfaction, such as annual surveys designed to identify the need for action plans or preventive or corrective actions. The SAC also promotes audits, based on a sampling of the technical support service orders.

There are no records of any cases on non-conformity with voluntary regulations and codes regarding the impacts caused by its products and services in terms of health and safety during the product and service lifecycle. The same thing occurs regarding the voluntary regulations and codes related to product and service labeling and the violation and loss of customer information at the Itaúsa Conglomerate industrial companies.
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Customer satisfaction is one of the eight sustainability challenges assumed by Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A. As part of the bank's new vision – to become the leader in sustainable performance and in customer satisfaction – the work of satisfying hundreds of millions of account holders and customers from different business categories constitutes a permanent challenge, and the bank seeks to maintain long term partnerships based on trust, respect and dialogue.

Listening to its customers through surveys, market studies, customer forums and other communication channels, constitutes one of the premises of the bank, which has, as one of its main objectives, building of transparent and lasting relationships. The Ombudsman is a channel for those customers who were not satisfied with the assistance they received through the conventional assistance channels. The Ombudsman's main attributions are to identify the top solutions for customer demands by proposing the improvement of the products and services and manage the complaints resulting from the Brazilian Central Bank, PROCON (consumer defense service distributed by state), the press and other consumer defense entities.

Determined to contribute toward the financial education of the Brazilian population, Itaú Unibanco invests in different programs focused on the conscious use of money and financial services. In addition to the lectures and chats directed at employees, customers and society as a whole, the bank also offers informative brochures on its website and also at its bank branches, written in a language designed for all types of stakeholders, whether individuals or companies. Featuring basic information on financial planning, the brochures address seven topics: Credit; Checking Account; Credit Card; Family Budget; Best Time to Invest; Getting out of Debt; and Talking to your Children about Money.

There are no records at Itaú Unibanco of any case of non-conformity with the voluntary regulations and codes related to impacts caused by its products and services in terms of health and safety during the product or service lifecycle or of any violation or loss of customer information.

However, during the year 2010, the bank had 25 sanctioned administrative cases closed with the payment of a fine, resulting from the Private Insurance Superintendence (SUSEP). There were 22 accusations, two representations and one notice of infraction. In the ranking of the São Paulo PROCON complaints for 2010, Itaú Unibanco was placed second, achieving an important reduction of 24% in the volume of the complaints compared to the 2009 ranking (from 2,258 to 1,708). These numbers were recorded during the same period in which the company integrated the network of 1,000 Unibanco branches into the Itaú platform, when 150 new branches were opened, in addition to the significant expansion in the credit segment. These are major initiatives marked by complexity, primarily in an institution that, after the merger, became one of the largest in the world.

In 2010, there were 1,613 administrative sanctions imposed on the bank for failing to comply with the laws or regulations associated with the supply and use of products and services. Two of these sanctions were significant, totaling R$2 million. These two sanctions, still pending decision, refer to the supposed delivery of a non-requested credit card, one of which was filed by the Minas Gerais PROCON and the other by the São Paulo PROCON. During this same period, there were 23 lawsuits filed with the application of significant fines, in the total amount of R$19.3 million, still pending decision. The monetary value of the significant fines during the period was of R$22.3 million.

Itaúsa's Challenges

Hearing and fulfilling customers' expectations are the main challenges of the Itaúsa Conglomerate companies.