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The information presented in this section is updated regularly but may not reflect the most current condition of the Company due to the dynamism inherent to the market and the regular updating of Itaúsa’s business and financial model by the research analysts. The information relevant to the comparative analyses presented here was obtained from investment banks and other sources ("sources") and represents market forecasts. Itaúsa and the sources offer no guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of this information. This information does not represent an offer to buy or sell the securities or securities of any company. The views expressed with this information may be changed without notice.

Itaúsa shares are covered by financial industry analysts by main market banks and brokers.

Institution Analyst Telephone E-mail
Grupo Santander Henrique Navarro +55 (11) 3012-5756 havieira@santander.com.br
Scotiabank Jason Mollin +1 212 225-5039 jason.mollin@scotiabank.com
Planner Corretora de Valores Victor Martins +55 (11) 2172-2565 vmartins@plannercorretora.com.br
Bradesco BBI  Victor Schabbel  +55 (11) 3847-9207  victor.schabbel@bradescobbi.com.br 
Credit Suisse  Marcelo Telles  +1 212 325-5133  marcelo.telles@credit-suisse.com 
J.P. Morgan  Domingos Falavina  +1 212 622-3602  domingos.falavina@jpmorgan.com 
Goldman Sachs  Tito Labarta  +1 212 357-6760  tito.labarta@gs.com 
Banco Safra de Investimento  Luis Fernando F Azevedo   +55 (11) 3175-9341  luis.azevedo@safra.com.br 
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