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Brazil’s Largest Holding Company

We are a Brazilian, publicly held, investment holding company, with a history that extends for more than 40 years. We operate in the financial, consumer goods, materials of civil construction, sanitation, energy and infrastructure industries and have a consistent portfolio, consisting of leading brands in their segments: Itaú Unibanco, XPart, Dexco, Alpargatas, Aegea Saneamento, Copa Energia and Nova Transportadora do Sudeste (NTS).

Organograma Itaú Unibanco, Duratex, Alpargatas e Nova Transportadora do                                                            Sudeste (NTS)


1. Equity interest presented were rounded to the nearest decimal place, does not consider treasury shares and corresponds to Itaúsa’s direct and indirect equity interest, where applicable.
2. Segments of the portfolio companies: Financial (Itaú Unibanco and XPart), Consumer goods (Alpargatas), Materials of Cilvil Construction (Dexco), Sanitation (Aegea Saneamento), Energy (Copa Energia) and Infrastructure (Copagaz and NTS).

Portfolio Expansion

At the beginning of 2021,, we announced to the market that Itaú Unibanco approved in EGM the divestment of its equity interest in XP Inc. by spinning off companies in its conglomerate with part of its equity, resulting in the establishment of a new company (“XPart”), whose constitution is still awaiting approval from the Federal Reserve (FED), the American central bank. We also announce that we signed an agreement, jointly with IUPAR - Itaú Unibanco Participações S.A, the controlling shareholders of XP and XP, containing the main terms and conditions that will come into force after the merger of XPart into XP. If XP were to incorporate this new company today, Itaúsa would hold approximately 15% of XP's total share capital, directly and indirectly.


For more information, access Itaúsa’s Material Facts.


Global Presence

With a consistent portfolio, we operate in more than 50 countries through our investees, with major brands and leaders in their segments.

We focus on strengthening management and creating long-term value in our investees based on the following pillars: efficient capital allocation, continuous improvement, and shared culture. We have a distinguished governance culture, with values that stand on ethics, risk management, as well as financial factors and human capital valuation. We disseminate our values by taking part in the Boards and committees of our investees, thus swaying financial and strategic decisions in a sustainable way.

The main features of our portfolio and new investments criteria are: solid companies with strong brands, low performance risk, solid and outstanding position in the market, good cash generation, consistent history of results and high profitability, consistent long-term value creation prospects, partners with expertise in their respective industries, unblemished reputation, cultural and strategic fit.

Performance in more than 50 countries

  • Operation in 18 countries.
  • 55 million customers.
  • Over 95 thousand employees.
  • It holds approximately 40.5% equity interest in XP Inc., a holding company, with technology platforms for investments, financial services and education, among others.
  • 4 main plants in Brazil, and 9 offices in 9 other countries in 3 continents.
  • 6 forest units, 16 industrial units in Brazil and 3 plants in Colombia.
  • Present in 126 municipalities and 12 Brazilian States, serving more than 11 million customers.
  • Relevant player in the LPG market in Brazil.
  • It accounts for approximately 50% of the transportation of natural gas consumed in Brazil.

Business Model

The Business Model include several interrelated capitals supporting the Organization growth, among which we highlight:

Business Model

Core Management Elements

Valor para os Acionistas

Differentiated governance culture based on ethical values, risk management and human capital appreciation.

Commitment to sustainable long-term value creation.

Investment in significant business with positive impacts to society.

Strategic and financial decision-oriented portfolio management.

Fostering the adoption of sustainable practices: developing eco-efficient, innovative and technological solutions.

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