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At the beginning of 2021, we announced to the market that Itaú Unibanco approved in EGM the divestment of its equity interest in XP Inc. by spinning off companies in its conglomerate with part of its equity, resulting in the establishment of a new company (“XPart”), whose constitution took place on May 31, 2021, with the approval of the transaction by the Federal Reserve (FED), the American central bank.

We also announce that we signed an agreement, jointly with IUPAR - Itaú Unibanco Participações S.A, the controlling shareholders of XP and XP, containing the main terms and conditions that will come into force after the merger of XPart into XP. If XP were to incorporate this new company today, Itaúsa would hold approximately 15% of XP's total share capital, directly and indirectly.

For more information, access Itaúsa’s Material Facts.

Note: Equity interest presented were rounded to the nearest decimal place, does not consider treasury shares and corresponds to Itaúsa’s direct and indirect equity interest, where applicable.
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