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Capital Stock Composition

Itaúsa has the practice of conservatively managing cash and keep adequate debt levels, in line with an adequate liquidity level of cash and cash equivalents and limiting exposure to the market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks, focusing on capital preservation.

Capital Stock

Capital Stock Composition in September 30, 2021 – Individual balance sheet. Value in R$ million.

Debt Securities

The table below shows the instruments that make up more than 90% of Itaúsa’s total debt.

Debt Instrument 2nd issue of Debentures 3rd issue of Debentures 4th issue of Debentures
Issue Amount R$ 1.2 billion R$ 1.3 billion R$ 2.5 billion
Date of Issuance May 24, 2017 December 15, 2020 July 15, 2021
Term 7 years 10 years 1st serie: 6 years
2nd serie: 10 years
Cost 106.9% of CDI rate 100% of CDI rate + 2.40% p.y. 1st serie: CDI + 1.4% p.y.
2nd serie: CDI + 2.00% p.y.
Interest payment Semiannual Semiannual Semiannual
Amortization In three equal installments: 2022, 2023, 2024 In three equal installments: 2028, 2029, 2030 1st serie: annual, from the 4th year
2nd serie: annual, from the 8th year
Issuance Deed* 2nd issuance deed 3rd issuance deed 4th issuance deed



Rating is the classification of a company's financial health risks and its ability to pay its obligations.

  Rating Perspective Scale Last update
Moody’s AA.br Stable National 09/06/2021

The information presented in this section is updated regularly but may not reflect the most current condition of the Company due to the dynamism inherent to the market and the frequent updating of by the rating agencies. We encourage you to also check on Moody’s ¹ website.

¹ This link takes you to a third-party website. The company is not responsible for the content and/or privacy practices.
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