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Acquiring shares of a holding company such as Itaúsa means believing in its management’s capacity to improve investees’ business and enhance value creation and financial return to stockholders.

Itaúsa’s strategy is identifying attractive investment opportunities in the market and acquiring ownership interest in the controlling group, always in partnership with other groups. Accordingly, Itaúsa has the right to nominate members to the boards of directors and advisory committees of these investees and to help define their market and financial strategies, as well as contributing to implement environmental, social, ethical and governance responsibility pillars. As it has no business operations of its own, the quarterly balance sheet of a holding company reflects the result and appreciation of the ownership interests in its portfolio companies and the financial results of the holding company itself.

Learn how to invest


Open an account in a broker.

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In your broker's system, look for the tickers ITSA4 or ITSA3 stocks, to place an order with an amount and price.


Once the order is executed, you are responsible for making the funds available on your current account so that the transaction can be completed.


Your broker is responsible for crediting/charging the stocks in your account.


Congratulations you are now an Itaúsa stockholder.

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