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This section is dedicated to Brazilian persons or anyone who needs information for the annual Income Tax Report to local authorities

In order to assist you in completing your Individual Income Tax Form, we have summarized the key information required to complete the sections 'Assets and Rights', 'Exempt and Nontaxable Income' and 'Income Subject to Exclusive/Definitive Taxation'.

See at the bottom of this page more information about the Earnings Report.

2020 Payments

Stockholders who operate via a broker may seek information on their earnings and asset lending reimbursements in the Investor Web Channel (CEI).

During 2020, Itaúsa made six dividend payments and two interest on capital payments, as reported below:


As at December 31, 2020 our stock was valued at:

  • Itaúsa ON - common stock (ITSA3): R$ 12,34
  • Itaúsa PN - preferred stoc (ITSA4): R$ 11,73

Earnings Statements

The custodian (Itaú Custódia) is responsible for sending the Statements to the stockholders based on the information provided by his or her broker. It is important, therefore, that the stockholder master file is updated at the broker house through which he or she operates. Itaúsa cannot issue and/or send this report to the stockholders, which is the exclusive responsibility of the custodian bank. 


You can also access your Earnings Statements directly on the "Portal de Correspondências Digitais" of Itaú, accessing your account or registering on the first access. This portal is only available in Portuguese.


Other ways to request a duplicate:

Itaú Unibanco accountholders: on the website www.itau.com.br input branch, current account and electronic password data.
Go to the Current Account > Income Tax Return > Earnings Statement menu.¹

Through the website https://correspondenciasdigitais.com.br/login, with previously defined login or by clicking on the ‘First access’ button, if you are a new user.

Itaú Unibanco’s non-accountholders: it is possible to make a query regestring at www.Itaucorretora.com.br, using the "Non-accountholder" tab.¹

¹ Current account and book-entry registrations must be up-to-date.

State Capital and Metropolitan Regions: +55 3003 9285
Other Cities: 0800 720 9285

The service hours on business days are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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