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Itaúsa is Brazil’s largest holding company and we traded our common and preferred shares on B3 - Brazil, Bolsa, Balcão, under ticker symbols ITSA3 and ITSA4, respectively.

By purchasing Itaúsa shares, a stockholder will be exposed to earnings corresponding to the stakes that we hold in each investee in our portfolio: Itaú Unibanco, XP Inc., Alpargatas, Dexco, Aegea, Copa Energia e NTS – Nova Transportadora do Sudeste, as well as the holding company's own results.

Click here and follow the price evolution of the Itaúsa shares - ITSA3 and ITSA4.

On june 26, 2001, Itaúsa voluntarily adhered to B3’s (Brazilian Stock Echange) Corporate Governance Level 1, and assumed the following commitments, among others: to maintain as a free float a minimum amount of shares representing 25% of the total capital to ensure liquidity to Itausa’s shares, in addition to providing information that assists investors and shareholders in assessing the company's value for making investment decisions.

The preferred shares (ITSA4) are among the most traded shares on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) and their high liquidity has allowed these shares to consistently show up among the ten companies with the highest weight in the Bovespa Index (Ibovespa), B3's main index. Our shares are also part of other important indices of the Brazilian stock market, such as the sustainability-related indices (Corporate Sustainability Index – ISE - and the CO2 Index - ICO2) and corporate governance-related indices (Differentiated Corporate Governance Stock Index – IGC - and the Differentiated Tag Along Stock Index - ITAG). Additionally, our shares are of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index portfolio, one of the world's leading sustainability indices. Our company is also part of other B3 indices, such as: IBRA, IBXL, IBXX, IDIV, IFNC, IGCT and MLCX.

To learn more about the definition of each index, please click here to access the B3 index page.

Rights granted to Itaúsa preferred stock (ITSA4)

  • Priority in the receipt of a noncumulative minimum annual dividend of R$0.01 per share.
  • Ensure a Tag Along receipt right of eighty percent (80%) in case of sale of company control.
  • Learn more through Bylaws, available in the section Bylaws and Policies.
  • To buy and sell stocks, investors need to have a broker account. Learn more about how to invest.
  • The outstanding shares represent approximately 2/3 of the total shares issued by the Company and the stockholder base consisted of more than 350,000 stockholders at the end of 2019 with a large share of individual stockholders.
  • As one of the largest companies in Brazil, Itaúsa is committed to its stakeholders and to delivering long-term value based on ethical business conduct and good governance.
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