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Itaúsa was incorporated in 1974 after the spin-off of the investment banking business and the holding company of the Itaú conglomerate. In 2001, Itaúsa joined the Level 1 of Corporate Governance of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa), current B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, and the main the commitments assumed include: the maintenance as a free float of a minimum amount of shares, representing 25% of the total capital, to increase the liquidity and dilution of the Company’s shares, in addition to the provision of information that help investors to appraise the company’s value. For further details, please access the sections Governance Model and History.

Stockholders Common Shares (ITSA3) Preferred Shares (ITSA4) Total Shares
  Shares % Shares % Shares %
Controlling Group 1,828,486 63.27% 998,024 18.08% 2,826,510 33.61%
Treasury shares 8,000 0.14% 8,000 0.10%
Outstanding Shares 1,061.351 36,73% 4,514,953 81.78% 5,576,305 66.30%
Fundação Antonio e Helena Zerrenner Instituição Nacional de Beneficência ("FAHZ") 444,275 15.37% 110,656 2.00% 554,930 6.60%
Other stockholders 617,077 21.35% 4,404,298 79.77% 5,021,374 59.70%
Total Shares 2,889,838 100.00% 5,520,977 100.00% 8,410,815 100.00%

*Ownership Structure on September 30, 2021.

To learn more about Itaúsa’s interests and investments in other companies, please access our Corporate Structure.

Historical data of changes in shares by Controlling Stockholders and Management Members and of the buyback of shares is available in the monthly reports disclosed by the Company that are in compliance with CVM Instruction No. 358, the latter being summarized in the Buyback of shares section.

The Stockholders’ Agreements that are currently in force are available in the Bylaws and Policies section.

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