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Itaúsa believes that Human Capital is one of its strengths.

Accordingly, attracting people with different experiences and knowledge is one of our priorities, since we believe in the value of Human Capital to foster success. Based on a safe and healthy workplace, Itaúsa encourages the development of skills and abilities regarded as essential for its business continuity and sustainability.

Our team includes a group of professionals exclusively dedicated to support the holding company’s operations, with participants from all generations, women at all organizational levels and high seniority, which enable daily activities and projects to be provided with different viewpoints and multiple experiences currently present in our society. (for further information, please see the Human Capital section of the Integrated Report

In addition to this team, over 120,000 people are associated with our joint-controlled companies, making us one of the largest employers in the private sector in Brazil. In order to share its values and management culture with these companies, Itaúsa’s executives are fully engaged in their respective Boards of Directors and Personnel Committees.

Additionally, caring for the wellbeing, by promoting actions that encourage physical and mental health of all, and supporting life-changing social impact projects through Culture and Education are the pillars adding to our purpose.



We are in an ongoing search for professionals with integrated vision, leadership, engagement, excellence and emotional intelligence. For further information click on Career Opportunities

Internship Program

We search for dynamic, engaged young people who easily adapt to many different scenarios, like team work, are motivated to work with ethics and operational excellence, and are focused on the sustainable value creation for stockholders and the whole society.

Apprenticeship Program

With a periodic hiring policy, this program seeks to prepare and integrate young people into the labor market, broadening their future prospects.

Join our team

If you are interested in being part of our team, upload your résumé, and follow vacancy announcements via LinkedIn.

When uploading, be sure to indicate the area of interest.

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