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Itaúsa certified as Great Place to Work

  • Recognition is the combination of talent, dedication and professionalism of all collaborators

Brazilian investment holding Itaúsa was certified as Great Place to Work. This recognition demonstrates the importance of the work performed by the company in people management and reinforces engagement and the level of satisfaction of all employees in the work environment.

“This achievement fills us with pride and only reaffirms the difference people make in doing business,” head of Human Resources, Claudia Meirelles, said. "The relationship of trust and transparency in communication between managers and employees are determining factors in this recognition, in addition to the initiatives already carried out by the company, which contributed to the positive results.”

Itaúsa carries out several actions in the people management department. Ciclo de Gente (People Cycle), for instance, is a program focused on career management and development, while Café com RH (Coffee with HR) has the objective of promoting attentive listening to employees. There are also wellness programs, which reinforce not only physical care, but also mental health. During the pandemic, it kept its celebration rituals and adapted its annual engagement survey process by also carrying out shorter periodic surveys to monitor the impacts of the new work from home policy on the daily lives of employees.

The Great Place to Work certification is an online survey that analyzes the company's organizational climate, considering the level of employee satisfaction in relation to the work environment. This is measured by a minimum sample of survey respondents with grades equal to or higher than 70. In Itaúsa, the participation rate reached an excellent level of 96%, with overall satisfaction at 91%. In addition, the e-NPS reached 76 points, putting the holding company in a comfortable position when people get asked if they would recommed the brand

About Itaúsa 

Itaúsa is a Brazilian publicly-held investment holding company with over 45 years of experience. With a diversified portfolio of leading companies in their segments and presence in more than 50 countries, the company has around 950,000 individual shareholders, one of the largest shareholder bases on the Brazilian stock exchange.

It invests in relevant companies in the Brazilian economy with outstanding performance in their sectors, such as Itaú Unibanco, Alpargatas, Duratex, Copagaz, Aegea and NTS. Itaúsa works with seriousness, ethics, discipline and confidence in all actions, investment decisions and relationships it cultivates. Itaúsa's purpose is the sustainable creation of value for shareholders and society as a whole.

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