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Terms and Conditions for Using the Site

Browsing and public consultation on this website (“Website”) are subject to the Terms and Conditions as follows:


This Website is the property of and operated by Itaúsa - Investimentos Itaú S.A. (“Itaúsa”), a corporation organized under Brazilian laws. Itaúsa has this Website to provide information to its investors and to the general public.

1.1. This Website is a tool that provides information on corporate governance, financial information, communications and minutes, among others, related to Itaúsa.

1.2. Among the Website functionalities, we highlight communication tools between Itaúsa investors, the general public, and Itaúsa.

1.3. The User is fully responsible for ensuring that any data provided is accurate, complete and updated, and he/she is aware that these data will be processed and stored in Itaúsa’s servers, which have a proper security system to protect the information therein input, as set forth by Decree No. 8,771/2016.

1.4. The User hereby agrees to, upon sending messages to Itaúsa, refrain from sending messages with content that are disrespectful, against the public order, the law or morality, erotic or pornographic, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or slandering the honor or reputation of third parties, as well as refrain from transmitting files containing virus or any other contaminating or destructive features that may adversely affect the operation of this Website or of Itaúsa itself and/or its subsidiaries.

2.1. Itaúsa grants the User the right to use the Website on a private and non-exclusive basis. All rights, titles and interests in connection with any and all aspects of this Website are the exclusive property of Itaúsa, including, but not limited to: (i) the visual identity of the Website (including the graphic-visual project of any of its pages); (ii) trade name, trademark, domain name, slogan or advertising slogans or any distinctive sign of its title on the Website; and (iii) any and all content created and developed by Itaúsa and/or subsidiaries, by itself or third-parties, which may not be used by the Users, except if previously authorized by Itaúsa.

2.2. The use of images of persons or places shown on the Website was authorized to Itaúsa. The use of these images by the User is forbidden, except by the express prior written consent of Itaúsa. The unauthorized image use may infringe personality rights.

2.3. When the Website allows the User to send and/or transmit contents, the User, in turn, will grant a free-of-charge, non-exclusive, irrevocable and irreversible authorization for Itaúsa to use any and all intellectual property rights to any content, either sent and/or transmitted by the user to the Website, under any means or format, at its sole discretion, without any restriction or limitation of any kind.

2.4. The User hereby represents and warrants that the contents transmitted by using this Website do not infringe any third-party rights and that he/she has obtained all authorizations required for the use of such by Itaúsa.

2.5. The User will assume any and all civil and/or criminal liabilities for the wrongful use of the information and content of this Website.

3.1. Itaúsa does not warrant that the content, tools or material included, used and offered on this Website are accurately updated or integral, nor does it hold itself liable for any damages caused by any content errors or equipment failure.

3.2. Itaúsa does not hold itself liable, expressly or implicitly, for any wrongful use of the information, tools, or materials made available and/or of the equipment used by this Website, by the User for whatever purpose, and any violation of proprietary or third party rights, caused or not by such wrongful use, will be the sole responsibility of such User.

3.3. Under no circumstances will Itaúsa, its officers or employees be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, specific, incidental or consequential, or for losses or expenses arising from the connection with this Website, or for its use or inability to use by any party, or in connection with any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure, even if Itaúsa or its representatives are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

3.4. The User of this Website will be solely liable for the proper provision of all Internet resources, without exception.

3.5. Itaúsa does not hold itself liable for the content of other websites (a) whose addresses are available in this Website pages, or (b) at whose addresses our own Website address may be available. Itaúsa does not warrant any reimbursement of any damages whatsoever caused by the websites referred to in this paragraph.

3.6. For data processing and other information, please see to Itaúsa Privacy Policy.

4.1. Itaúsa reserves the right to improve the functionalities of this Website in view of the analysis and consolidation of information and suggestions received, and the opportunities they offer for the universe of this Website Users.

4.2. Itaúsa will safeguard the information provided by Users for the legally required period of time accordingly. For other information please see to our Privacy Policy.

5.1. The information, tools and means employed to interact with the Users of this Website pages are subject to changes without prior notice or authorization.

5.2. The price quotes and other information contained herein are provided for information purposes only. Itaúsa does not hold itself liable for any inaccuracy or omission, or for data transmission problems causing interruption, delay, end to transmission or any other failure not expressly mentioned herein, nor does it hold itself liable for any decisions made based on such information. The past performance of a financial investment is no guarantee of its future performance.

6.1. Itaúsa reserves the right to terminate the access to and use of this Website for any given User, at any time, if such User breaches any of these Terms and Conditions of Use, without prejudice to Itaúsa’s rights to damages due to any damages it has incurred as a result of such breach.

7.1. Itaúsa, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate or suspend temporarily any functionality of this Website, at any time, at its sole discretion, without any encumbrances or costs, and irrespective of any prior notice to Users.

8.1. The laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil will govern these Terms and Conditions of Use of Website. The Venue of the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, is appointed for the settlement of any controversies and for filing of any lawsuit that may arise from these Terms and Conditions of Use, to the exclusion of any other, however more privileged it may be.

9.1. Itaúsa reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use, at any time, irrespective of prior notice to Users. These changes will come into force immediately upon their inclusion as part of any update of this Website.

9.2. The nullity or annulment of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use will not in any way affect or impair the remaining provisions hereof, which will remain fully valid and enforceable for all legal purposes.

9.3. These Terms and Conditions of Use will be binding upon the Parties hereto, their heirs and successors on any account.

9.4. In case of any doubt about these Terms and Conditions of Use, the User shall contact Itaúsa via the e-mail investor.relations@itausa.com.br.

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